Past Life


Past life Regression is an opportunity to explore the possibility that you have been here before, living another life.

In a safe and relaxing environment you are guided back in time, inviting recollection of previous memories. These may be experienced as pictures in your mind’s eye or as if watching a story unfold on a screen.

We are all who we are because of our previous experiences and it may be that certain character traits, fears, health or relationship issues are as a consequence of a previous incarnation.

People come for regression for various reasons. It may be purely curiosity or because you feel ‘stuck’ in some aspect of your life. Many people receive a valuable insight into themselves and realise why they are drawn to a particular place, person or historical period. Many also allow themselves to let go of issues or fears that they have carried over into their current lifetime.

Is Past Life Regression Real?

There are several schools of thought or explanations as to what past life experiences could be:

Reincarnation: The belief that we have been here before, living a life (or many lives) at a previous time. Before I became a hypnotherapist I had not given any real thought to the concept of reincarnation but time and time again clients have accessed some wonderful experiences which show themselves in the form of memories, so I now believe this to be true.

 Soul memory: The idea that when we die our soul or memory goes into a pool of consciousness and that we are tapping into that pool and receiving information or memories from another person who lived previously.

Genetic Memory: Another theory is that we could  be accessing information from our cells or DNA therefore receiving this information through our inherited genes.

Imagination: Could we be making it up? Some people believe that any information would only be pretence or that we could be associating to any character we have ever read about or seen in a film. I don’t believe this to be so as most people do not recall being a high profile historical figure and I believe that is the sort of role people would adopt if they were able to choose.

How will I feel?

You will be guided into a lovely state of relaxation, allowing you to relax your mind and body in a natural, peaceful way, very similar to daydreaming. In this trance state you remain fully in control, aware of what is being said and completely able to open your eyes at any time should you choose to do so.

People are often concerned that they will remember something terrible from their past lives but all experiences are witnessed with a sense of dissociation, as if watching it happen to someone else.

No pain or trauma is experienced as if being re-lived - in fact it allows insight to see that some beliefs or behaviours belong to the past. This can give you the chance to leave unwanted restrictions behind you, allowing you the opportunity to move forward with your life.




“A totally mind-blowing, amazing experience, one on which I can’t wait to journey on again and again. I was feeling excited, apprehensive and nervous whilst waiting to be hypnotised but Sarah soon relaxed me with her friendly manner and soothing calming voice. During my session I became extremely emotional, Sarah expertly removed me from the situation returning me to a serene calm state of being. It was interesting discovering my past lives and helped me realise my character traits I’ve taken to this life. I would thoroughly recommend Sarah as a hypnotist, as someone who was sceptical before my treatment I left feeling it wasn’t something to be scared of.”  “A big thankyou to Sarah for opening my eyes and mind to this fantastic experience” J

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